Friday, March 20, 2015

Texas Tulips Are Not Blooming In The Skagit Valley

No, you looking at this in Washington and the Skagit Valley, there is no new tulip field in the Skagit Valley called Texas-Tulips, growing some sort of new giant  hybrid Texas-sized tulips.

Texas-Tulips is the first tulip field to bloom in Texas, blooming right now, at the same time the Skagit Valley tulips are blooming, earlier than the norm, ahead of the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival which runs the entire month of April.

You can go to the Texas-Tulips website to learn all about this Texas Dutch experiment in growing tulips in Texas.

I have blogged about the Texas-Tulips on a couple of my other blogs....

Tiptoe Through Texas TulipsA Tale Of Texas Tulips And My Great Grandpa Rejecting The Lone Star State.

Right at this moment thunderstorms are booming in the area of the Texas-Tulips. Along with pea-sized hail. North Texas in entering that time of the year when the wind blows strong, sometimes as a tornado.

I would think it would be a daunting task to grow Tulips in Texas. Then again, the landscape of Texas will soon be colored with the annual wildflower display, with flowers which seem to have no problem dealing with the harsh Texas climate.

Maybe delicate looking tulips are more hardy than their appearance and will do just fine in Texas.

As long as a wilting HEAT wave does not come along whilst they are doing their blooming....

Monday, February 16, 2015

Spencer Jack's Fidalgo Drive-In Hamburger Voted Best in Anacortes

This morning I learned via Facebook that my great nephew Spencer Jack's, (and his dad's), Anacortes restaurant, the Fidalgo Drive-In, has been determined by Burger Voters to have the BEST HAMBURGER in Anacortes.

That is Spencer Jack you see here, having whipped up a Root Beer Float to go along with the BEST HAMBURGER in Anacortes.

Why do I feel like I am writing an advertisement here?

I think I will have a Deluxe Bacon Double Cheeseburger with one of Spencer Jack's Root Beer Floats for lunch, maybe with onion rings, if onion rings are on the menu today....

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dallas Zoo Porcupine Picks Seahawks To Win Super Bowl While Dallas Penguin Chooses Patriots

I do not know what the deal is with Dallas/Fort Worth area zoo animals weighing in on who is going to win the Super Bowl.

A few days ago a Fort Worth Zoo crocodile named Salty picked the Seahawks to win by choosing to swallow a chicken representing the Seahawks.

Then at the Dallas Zoo a porcupine named Teddy Bear joined Salty in picking the Seahawks. I do not know by what means Teddy Bear made his choice.

Teddy Bear has a golden reputation, apparently, as America's greatest living football pundit.

Also at the Dallas Zoo, a co-inmate, that being a penguin named Sid, picked the New England Patriots to beat Seattle in today's Super Bowl.

Again, I do not know how the Dallas Zoo penguin made its choice.

I learned about the Dallas Zoo Super Bowl picks via the Dallas Observer, in an article titled Fort Worth Crocodile Agrees with Dallas Porcupine, Picks Seahawks in the Super Bowl. In that article, if you click the link, you will find video of Salty picking the Seahawk chicken in one extreme gulp.

At the top of the Dallas Observer article it is written "We Apologize in Advance for this Particular Item".

I do not know for what the Dallas Observer is apologizing, but, below the photo is the caption, "Shouldn't devouring the Seahawks chicken mean he's picking the Patriots?"

Is the Dallas Observer apologizing for suggesting such a thing? I have no idea, but the same thought crossed my mind.

The Dallas Observer made the good point that a more accurate test of Salty's preference would be if the choice of an actual Seahawk and an actual Revolutionary War hero was dangled above him, with the one eaten being his choice to lose the Super Bowl.

I do not know where one would find Revolutionary War hero to participate in such a thing.

Or a Seahawk....

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fort Worth Zoo's Salty Crocodile Picks Seattle Seahawks To Win Super Bowl

A few minutes ago, on Facebook, via Fort Worth's most prolific food critic, Bud Kennedy, I learned something which Seattle Seahawks fans way up north in the Pacific Northwest might be interested in.

Apparently the Fort Worth Zoo has a crocodile named Salty who has an uncanny knack for correctly picking who will win the Super  Bowl.

According to Mr. Kennedy, Salty "has picked the Seahawks to win  the Super Bowl (by snapping up the Seahawks chicken instead of the possibly underinflated Patriot chicken)."

Friday, December 12, 2014

Did the Knappson House Seattle Seahawk Christmas Lights Survive the December 11 Big Blow?

I am told that which we are looking at here is the extremely bright Christmas display lighting up the Knappson House in Kent, Washington.

Since I am currently in Texas I have no way of verifying, myself, that this is the Knappson house.

It is well known the Knappson's are very supportive Seattle Seahawk fans, but, going to this extreme to display their supportive fandom seems like it might be just a little bit over the top.

I am not sure, but I think that which is hovering over the lit up tree on the right that be the trident symbol of the Seattle Mariners, which I guess may be a slight Christmas nod, by the Knappsons, to Seattle's baseball team.

The Knappsons are also known to be rabid University of Washington Husky fans, often wearing purple and attending games. I am unable to detect any U of W Husky element in the Knappson Christmas display.

I can not help but wonder what the December electric bill is going to be for the Knappson house.

Plus I wonder how well  the Knappson house Christmas display survived the December 11 mini-hurricane 's big blow through Washington.....

Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Showstopper Storm Surge Slaps Waves at Seattle's Alki Point Statue of Liberty

During my many years of living in Washington I do not recollect ever seeing a storm  tossing waves to the level they were tossed during what is being called a Showstopper Storm, yesterday, Saturday, November 29.

In the picture you are looking at the Statue of Liberty at Alki Point on Alki Beach in West Seattle.

If my memory is remembering correctly, and usually it does, the Seattle Statue of Liberty is normally nowhere near the water's edge.

Apparently the Showstopper Storm's high winds came at the same time as a high tide, with the wind causing a storm surge, pushing the water far higher than the norm.

You can see more photos of what the storm at the West Seattle Blog, which is where I found the photo above. The West Seattle Blog also has a couple videos of the storm.

For those who did not know that there is a Statue of Liberty in Seattle at Alki Beach, the reason for Miss Liberty being at that location is interesting.

From the Wikipedia Alki Point article...

The original name of the settlement was "New York Alki," "Alki" being a word in Chinook Jargon (Wawa) meaning "eventually" or "by and by." The name "New York" may have been chosen because it was the state of origin of several of the settlers. However, the next April, Arthur A. Denny abandoned the site at Alki for a better-situated site on the east shore of Elliott Bay, just north of the plat of David Swinson "Doc" Maynard. This site is now known as Pioneer Square.

So, the original settlers thought that the town now known as Seattle would become another New York, eventually.

Well, Seattle did become a big city, eventually. I suspect much bigger than the original settlers ever dreamed it might become...

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Is The Skagit River Getting Ready To Test Mount Vernon's New Flood Wall?

Two days after Thanksgiving the Skagit River is in flood mode.

In the photo that would be my great nephew, Spencer Jack, and an un-identified girl friend playing in the Skagit River, which is currently flooding Lion's Park at the north end of Mount Vernon's downtown.

I do not know if the Skagit is expected to reach a flood level high enough to trigger the first test of Mount Vernon's new flood wall.

For some reason I thought Lion's Park was also protected by the new flood wall. Clearly I was in error.

This would appear to be, currently, a very mild flood.

I remember a Thanksgiving Weekend Flood of the Skagit River, back in the last decade of the previous century. Hundreds of people, including the National Guard, worked through the night to build a sand bag flood wall to save downtown Mount Vernon from a record breaking flood.

But, just as the river began to crest, with a huge crowd on high ground watching the expected calamity, suddenly, just as the river began  to go over the wall of sand bags, it dropped a foot. A miraculous Act of God? I'm sure that is what some thought.

But soon sirens began wailing and the news spread that the Skagit River dike had breached downriver from downtown Mount Vernon, flooding Fir Island with a catastrophic wall of water.

When the flood subsided the breach was repaired. And then two weeks later it happened again. Another record breaking flood.

I hope Mount Vernon's new flood wall does what it is expected to do, which is keep downtown Mount Vernon dry.