Friday, March 20, 2015

Texas Tulips Are Not Blooming In The Skagit Valley

No, you looking at this in Washington and the Skagit Valley, there is no new tulip field in the Skagit Valley called Texas-Tulips, growing some sort of new giant  hybrid Texas-sized tulips.

Texas-Tulips is the first tulip field to bloom in Texas, blooming right now, at the same time the Skagit Valley tulips are blooming, earlier than the norm, ahead of the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival which runs the entire month of April.

You can go to the Texas-Tulips website to learn all about this Texas Dutch experiment in growing tulips in Texas.

I have blogged about the Texas-Tulips on a couple of my other blogs....

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Right at this moment thunderstorms are booming in the area of the Texas-Tulips. Along with pea-sized hail. North Texas in entering that time of the year when the wind blows strong, sometimes as a tornado.

I would think it would be a daunting task to grow Tulips in Texas. Then again, the landscape of Texas will soon be colored with the annual wildflower display, with flowers which seem to have no problem dealing with the harsh Texas climate.

Maybe delicate looking tulips are more hardy than their appearance and will do just fine in Texas.

As long as a wilting HEAT wave does not come along whilst they are doing their blooming....