Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seattle's No Pants! Light Rail Ride 2010

Okay, I can understand the Fremont Solstice Nude Bike Ride. It is the start of summer, it's a festival. And it's in Fremont, which is a very free-spirited place. So, 1000s of people take their clothes off and ride in a bike parade.

And now today I learn of something called Improv which has organized No Pants! Rides on trains, subways and buses around the world.

Improv Everywhere in New York just had their annual "No Pants! Subway Ride." A lot of people turned out and took off their pants.

Last year's Seattle No Pants! Ride took place on the Monorail. Only 7 showed up and took off their pants.

This year over 500 have signed up, in Seattle, for the Emerald City Improv "No Pants! Light Rail Ride", riding the new light rail from the downtown Westlake Center Station all the way to the Sea-Tac International Airport Station.

Emerald City Improv's Seattle No Pants! Light Rail Ride has a Facebook page. I think you can sign up if you would like to ride the light rail to Sea-Tac, with your pants off, this coming Sunday, January 1, 2010.

Personally, I don't get the point or see why this would be fun. A naked light rail ride, that might be interesting, like last summer's, (or was it spring?) World-Wide Naked Bike Ride Day. Seattle participated in that one, too.