Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Long Beach Washington: One of America's Best Beach Towns

Long Beach, Washington, is both a beach and a town. The town has a population of 1,283, at last count. The Long Beach Peninsula is a very popular tourist destination. Long Beach, the beach, claims to be the World's Longest Beach. You can drive on a lot of Long Beach.

The town part of Long Beach has plenty of lodging options, with fun shops, museums, great seafood,  the best breakfast I have ever had at a place who's name escapes my memory and a lot of what my brother and I used to refer as "Gyp Joints," known more commonly as souvenir stores. We loved to hunt for good stuff in Washington's Coastal Gyp Joints.

The most famous, or infamous, of the Long Beach Gyp Joints is also a sort of a museum, called Marsh's Free Museum. It is in this "museum" you will find Jake the Alligator Man. Half man, half alligator. The mummified remains of Jake are on display, among other interesting oddities.

Long Beach is a prime razor clam digging destination. Upcoming Long Beach Razor Clam digging tides are Dec. 4, Sat. – 5:29 p.m., (-1.2 ft.), Dec. 5, Sun. – 6:14 p.m., (-1.3 ft.), Dec. 31, Fri. – 3:40 p.m., (0 ft.) and Jan. 1, Sat. – 4:31 p.m., (-0.4 ft.).

Multiple entities have named Long Beach on Best Beach type lists, such as an article in ForbesTraveler.com which picked Long Beach as one of "America's Favorite Beach Towns."

The Washington State International Kite  Festival takes place every year during the 3rd week of August. This is a week long celebration that attracts an extravaganza of kites of all sizes, shapes and colors, along with thousands of spectators.

You can fin info about the Long Beach International Kite Festival and the Long Beach World Kite Museum on their website.

The Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau has a good website with a lot of information about Long Beach.

Below is a YouTube video that gives you a look at Long Beach and the International Kite Festival...


Steve A said...

I have a "Jake the Alligator Man" tank top. It's about like you'd imagine...

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wow what a wonderfull view of beach !!awsome .i would like to visit this place sson .thanks for sharing the information.