Saturday, January 9, 2016

In 1963 Riding The Seattle Monorail To The Airport

My nephew, Jason, emailed me that which you see here.

Jason has always been a big fan of the Seattle Monorail. Jason has lost track of the number of times he has ridden the Monorail back and forth from Seattle Center to Westlake Center.

Way back when the Seattle Monorail first carried passengers, during the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, many assumed that the Monorail would be expanded, but that never happened, at least not by 2016, but not for lack of trying, including multiple ballot issues attempting to add to the Monorail line.

The caption under the drawing said "The Monorail as it might run to the airport." This was in the February 24, 1963 edition of the Seattle Times.

In 2016 you can not take a Monorail ride from Sea-Tac International Airport to Downtown  Seattle, but you can take light rail which sort of looks like the Monorail, and is elevated in some locations, from the airport to Downtown Seattle where you can exit the train at the Westlake Center station and ride an escalator up a few flights where you can board the Seattle Monorail to continue your journey to the Seattle Center.

Not quite what the Seattle Times envisioned way back in 1963....

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Justice For Tonasket's Wade Hudson's Murder By Omak Cop

On Friday, September 25, 2015, at the end of his first day on new job in Omak, Wade Hudson had a seizure. An ambulance was called which brought Wade to the Omak Hospital.

Wade's mom and dad soon drove from their hometown of Tonasket, to Omak, to see Wade.

They did not know, at the time, that that hospital visit would be the last time they saw Wade alive.

The next day Wade returned to his job, where he was told he was in no shape to work. What happened after that is not known for certain.

But, it is known that at some point on Saturday Omak police stopped to question Wade. What happened next is explained in the text above, which I will copy below....

On Saturday, September 26, 2015 33 year old Wade Hudson was brutally beaten to death in Omak, Washington by police person Shane Schaefer. Wade was murdered because he had a series of epileptic seizures from which he had not fully recovered and was not able to respond to the demands of this very aggressive, abusive killer in uniform. There is a civil law suit filed by Wade's parents against this murderer and a congressman helping to ask for an independent investigation into this death. The Omak, WA police agency has done an internal investigation and found the killer not guilty of murder. The evidence and witnesses do not support their decision. Please help us, Wade's family send this evil cop to prison and get him off the streets before he kills more innocent citizens for being very ill and disabled.

Wade's mom and dad still do not know, after all this time, what happened which brought Wade into contact with the Omak police. They got a call saying Wade was back in the hospital. And then another call telling them Wade's condition was so bad he was being flown over the mountains to Seattle's Harborview Hospital.

Where Wade died.

Please sign the petition asking that Washington State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson seek justice for Wade, his mom and dad, and daughter, Lavada.