Friday, April 16, 2010

Seattle is Not One of the Fattest Cities in America

One those ubiquitous lists listing things like livability or obesity, Seattle usually comes out near the top livability-wise and the bottom obesity-wise.

Such is the case with a list of the 100 Fattest Cities in America in the current Men's Health Magazine.

Men's Health factored in the number of overweight people, the number of coach potatoes, the percentage with Type 2 Diabetes and junk food consumption to come up with a list of 100 that had Corpus Christi, Texas as the Fattest City in America.

Four other Texas towns joined Corpus Christi in the Top Ten, El Paso, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston.

Austin, Texas was almost as skinny as Seattle as the 5th Leanest City, with Seattle being the 4th Leanest.

Other Fat Northwest Cites were #35 Anchorage, #58 Spokane and #76 Boise.

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