Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jen Moss, the Naked Pastie Lady of Ashland Oregon

You are looking at Jennifer Moss with the strategically placed daisies.

Jen Moss is known as "Pastie Lady" and "Earth Friend Jen." Jen earned those nicknames when she lived in her hometown of Ojai, California.

Jen left Ojai and moved to Ashland, Oregon. Ashland is a very free-spirited town. It's a right of passage for seniors to streak through town. I believe Ashland has a clothing optional swimming hole.

Now, when Jen moved to Ashland she started to push the tolerance limits. Doing things like Naked Yoga in front of the town's Safeway. Or was it Albertson's?

When Jen was not totally naked she'd often wander around in a hemp bikini and pasties.

All went swimmingly with Jen and her unabashedness in Ashland, for awhile, and then Jen Moss was arrested, in September of 2008, after some construction workers complained about her roller blading in the buff. Why the constructions workers complained, I don't know.

Eventually Jen's naked antics caused Ashland to ban topless events. I don't quite see the logic there. Jen can still do bottomless roller blading as long as she keeps her top on?

I have no idea what the current status is of Jen Moss getting naked in Ashland. She's tried to get the ACLU to take up her naked cause.

Some Jennifer Moss quotes....

"Nudity is natural, but a lot of people are uncomfortable with it. It's OK for children to play video games where they are killing each other, and it's patriotic to murder people in a war. But women's breasts in public? You better watch out!"

"They are charging me with putting on an illegal performance or show. I stripped my clothes to speak the truth, but I was legally covered."

"I do not watch pornography and I support committed, monogamous relationships based on mutual respect. I do believe people have the right to do pornography, but it drains the human soul. Sex is sacred and is about making love, not war."

To show solidarity with Jen Moss and her cause, I think I will go hiking topless today.

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David L said...

I think Jen have a point in the last paragraph. People make a big fuss about seeing people naked but the same folkes are turning on HBO and watching some get busy in the bedroom. You can't enjoy sitting in your yard without some idiot peeping through the window and calling the police. but they can have their girlfriend over and not be married and have all the sex they want.

what's up with that?!

Last thing I want to get off my chest. They made a big issue about Eryka Badu shooting her video in Dallas, TX, but what about all of the people that go around kidnapping or killing people for no reason?!

I have plenty to say, but I guess it doesn't matter because lawmakers will do what they please any way.