Monday, October 18, 2010

Watching the Seattle Skyline Grow

This video was made to show off Seattle's newest skyscraper, I think it is called the 5th Columbia Tower. Or maybe it is Seattle 5th Columbia Building.

What I do know, for sure, is this is a very cool video. It starts with a view of downtown Seattle from out in Elliott Bay. Beginning in the 1950s, you watch as the Seattle skyline grows, with the Space Needle popping up in 1961, or was it 1962?

In 1969 the box the Space Needle came in shows up, soon followed the Kingdome. Soon after the turn of the century you see the Kingdome disappear, replaced by the new Seahawk Stadium.

After seeing the Seattle skyline grow all the way to the present, the video takes you to the future, to 2011, to a close up look at the new skyscraper. Very nice-looking addition to the Seattle Skyline.

Click the "Full Screen" option on the lower right of the YouTube window. If you don't, the Space Needle is going to look very small.

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