Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wingsuit Bat Flying Over Seattle and the Space Needle

Just this morning I found myself saying I was thinking it was time to move from Dallas, back to Seattle. Here in Texas I can not go Wingsuit Flying by a Space Needle. It has been so long, I really can not remember the last time I jumped out of a plane to fly my Wingsuit by the Seattle Space Needle.

I miss that type of adventure. And I miss Seattle. Seattle is scenic in a way that the towns I see in Texas are sadly lacking. Seattle is like being in one big theme park. Where the rides include flying a Wingsuit over the city.

Just minutes ago I blogged on one of my other blogs, DurangObese, about America's Fattest and Fittest Cities. Four cities in Texas are in the Top 25 Fattest. Only one is on the Top 25 Fittest list, that being Austin.

Seattle is the 8th Fittest.

Watch the YouTube video below and you will see why I greatly miss Wingsuit Flying over Seattle...

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