Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tacoma Yelps at the Valentines Day List of the 5 Most Romantic Cities in America

In the picture you are looking at Mount Rainier, in the background and in the foreground you are looking at a restaurant on the waterfront of what the user-review website known as Yelp has scientifically determined, just in time for Valentines Day, is the Most Romantic City in America.

Tacoma, Washington.

Yelp based their determination of the Most Romantic City by looking at when a particular city's Yelpers began their Valentine's Day searching, which cities were most active in Valentine's Day type searching, which cities had the most Valentine's Day engagements and by looking at what the most popular businesses in a particular town are on Valentines Day.

And somehow Tacoma, the town that used to be known for its aroma, is now to be known as the Most Romantic City in America.

Yelp's Romantic City list consisted of the 5 Most Romantic Cites....

1. Tacoma, Washington
2. Los Angeles, California
3. Santa Cruz, California
4. New Haven, Connecticut
5. El Paso, Texas 

New Haven? Santa Cruz? El Paso? Tacoma?

Yelp has come up with one of the more goofy lists that I've seen in awhile.


MLK said...

Those people at YELP need to cut back on the drugs.

Tacoma, romantic? Give me a break. Maybe if you don't mind dodging bullets from gang members, like watching drooling street people, etc.

I hate Tacoma,really I do. Nothing romantic here, including my husband.

Steve A said...

Yelp would have been better off to simply stash that list somewhere that the sun never reaches. I love Tacoma, but I also can't avoid coupling it with the word "aroma," which would not seem very romantic.