Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Love It In Seattle

This morning Betty Jo Bouvier, the Wild Woman of Woolley, emailed me a link to an amusing video about Seattle.

The subject line of Betty Jo's email was "Fun Seattle Stuff You May Remember."

Watching the video I remembered a lot of it. I do not remember Ike (President Eisenhower) coming to Seattle. Nor do I remember JFK. I do remember Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter coming to Seattle. Of those, I saw Ford and Carter.

Ford on the Seattle Waterfront and Carter in a hangar at Boeing Field.

In the video you see Northwest icon, Dick Balch. A few days ago Speedo commented about the blogging I wrote about meeting Dick Balch.

Speedo commented....

I've been wondering whatever happened to Dick Balch for a long time (maybe a year, anyway, which at my age seems shorter than it used to be, but not as short as my memory). Finally I remembered to think about aforesaid Balch while i was near a computer (not knowing nothing about no smartfone). So i put his name into a browser (okay, i googled it). And up this popped. 

When I was a student at Western about 1972-74 thereabouts, Balch was a featured speaker at the college, about which i mainly remember the laugh. I think it was supposed to be about how there are many paths to success in this world; at least, that's what I now assume, based on something or nothing at all. Then that laugh enters the consciousness (mine) and i can't remember anything after that. 

At least i don't have to think about googling 'Dick Balch' anymore; at least until that laugh comes back, then i may have to repeat like it was Groundhog's Day. Maybe next time i'll be sophisticated enough that i won't even use Capital Letters for his name. There's always hope.

In the "We Love It In Seattle" video below you will see floating bridges, a lot of rain, Burgermaster, Dag's Beefy Boy Burgers, Olympia Beer, JP Patches, Gertrude, Brakeman Bill, Wanda Wanda, Stan Boreson, 707s, KJR95, Olympia Beer, Elvis, Ike, Keith Jackson, the Beatles in the coliseum, the Space Needle, the World's Fair, Elvis making a movie at the Seattle World's Fair, Dan Evans beating Albert Rosselini for Governor, Huskies with the Rose Bowl, Don James, Paul Revere & the Raiders, the Kingsmen, Bobo, Namu, JFK at the UW, the Seattle Pilots, the arrival of the Sonics, Slick Watts, Scoop Jackson, Bob Rule, Jimi Hendrix in a Purple Haze, the aforementioned  Dick Balch, Ted Bundy, Sonny Sixkiller, Jumbo Jets, Seattle Slew, Judge Bolt, Ray Seales, King Tut, Kingdome, D.B. Cooper, Dixie Lee Ray, Warren Magnuson, Bruce Lee, World Champion Sonics, the Seattle Seven, Ivar Hagland keeping clam, Trident submarine, teacher strikes, last one out turn out the lights, Steve Largent, Jim Zorn, Spencer Haywood, Heart, Junior Cadillac, Mt. St. Helens, Bill Gates, Rosylyn Summers, Kenny G, Huskies/Cougars Apple Cup, Green River Killer, Brian Bosworth and California moving in.....


Steve A said...

I have JP Patches video tapes. I think I have one from Stan Boreson as well.

Durango Northwest said...

Steve A---I suspect you and I are the only two people in Texas who know what JP Patches and Stan Boreson is.

When I was in Seattle in August of 2008, in Fremont, there was a big dedication deal of JP Patches statue. I did not know this was going on til all these people started showing up with big red balls on their nose.

I believe JP and Gertrude were at the dedication. One would have thought JP Patches had long ago gone to his heavenly rest.

Steve A said...

JP even has his own web site. Sadly, the ICU2 TV set is forever silent.