Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Giant Flying Saucers Spotted Hovering Over Mount Rainier

One of my sisters in Washington's home has a good view of Mount Rainier. Yesterday my sister sent me pictures of what look like giant Flying Saucers hovering over Mount Rainier.

I suspect these are not actual Flying Saucers, but are, instead, a cloud formation caused my moisture laden air passing over the frigid top of Mount Rainier.


These could be Flying Saucers.

Mount Rainier has had a long history linking the Mountain with UFOs.

The first UFO/Flying Saucer incident of the post World War II area occurred at Mount Rainier and set off Flying Saucer/UFO hysteria which continues, off and on, to this day, over a half a century later.

On June 24, 1947 Kenneth Arnold was flying a private plane near Mount Rainier when he spotted 9 flying objects moving very, very fast. Others on the ground saw the same thing.

Similar incidents occurred in following weeks in various locations in America.

You can read all about it in Wikipedia's Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting article.

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