Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spencer Jack Sliding at Slidewaters Waterpark in Chelan Washington

I am not totally certain where my great nephew, Spencer Jack is doing some water sliding in the picture. I do know it is either in Leavenworth or at the Slidewaters Waterpark in Chelan, Washington.

I do know for certain the video below of Spencer Jack sliding down a water slide is at the Slidewaters Waterpark in Chelan.

Spencer Jack is currently taking his favorite girl friend, Brittney, and his dad on a road trip to various locations in Eastern Washington, or as those who live in Western Washington refer to it, East of the Mountains.

Looking at the Slidewaters Waterpark website it appears this waterpark has greatly grown since I was last in Chelan.

Slidewaters Waterpark now has a Lazy River. Lazy Rivers are just about my favorite thing in a waterpark, that along with a good tube ride. Slidewaters has what sounds like a fun tube ride called Thunder Rapids.

The Slidewaters Waterpark website describes Thunder Rapids thusly..."A tube slide classic, the river run is one of the most popular slides in the park because it provides a unique experience every time. Start on your tube with a group of up to four people and enjoy multiple chutes, slides and shallow pools as you work your way down over 100 feet of vertical drop before the final crash into the catch pool at the bottom."

You can go here and read descriptions of all the Slidewaters Waterpark's rides with names like Corkscrew, Blue Blaster, Run Amuck, Whitewater, Squirt Gun, Purple Haze, Tube Blaster, Downhill Racer, Aqua Zoo and Bonzai Pipeline.

There is also a giant Hot Tub heated to 100 degrees in which up to 60 people can get hot. A giant Hot Tub filled with 60 people does not sound too appealing to me.

Below is the aforementioned video of Spencer Jack sliding down a Slidewaters Waterpark waterslide....

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