Thursday, May 11, 2017

Aunt Alice Tells Us Zeke's Drive-In Voted Best Northwest Roadside Burger

Zeke's Drive-In was voted the Best Roadside Burger in Best Northwest Escapes 2017 viewers' poll.

Aunt Alice, who used to live somewhat near Zeke's Gold Bar location, when she lived in Sultan, prior to moving to the town of Tonasket in Eastern Washington, pointed us to Zeke's today via a report about Zeke's Drive-In on Seattle's KING 5 News.

Zeke's Drive-In was opened by Zeke way back in 1968, almost a half century ago.

Zeke is no longer with us, but Zeke's Drive-In remains a family operation.

We remember Zeke's as having in season fresh fruit milkshakes. Blackberry being a favorite.

Fresh fruit shakes and cheeseburgers with real cheese, with the cheese grated for maximum flavor and meltability.

At Zeke's, at least back when Zeke was still making the burgers, one had multiple cheese choices, such as opting for extra sharp cheddar. The last time we stopped at Zeke's, late in the previous century, on the way over Stevens Pass en route to Leavenworth, the Zeke's burger's cheese option was no longer grated, with a selection of cheese choices.

Even without Zeke's signature grated cheese the Zeke's cheeseburger and blackberry shake was still memorable.

We suspect the Fidalgo Drive-In in Anacortes was a close runner up in the Best Northwest Roadside Burger poll. We recently posted a review of the Fidalgo Drive-In's burgers.

Zeke's Drive-In does not have a website, but Zeke's Drive-In is on Facebook...

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