Monday, March 1, 2010

Are the Olympics Coming to Seattle Any Year Soon?

This morning I read someone speculating as to why Seattle may or might not ever stage an Olympics, either Winter or Summer.

What seemed to me to be the best reason why Seattle might never stage such a thing is due to the way doing something in Seattle comes about, with an awful lot of citizen input and voting.

It'd be really easy for a group of Olympics Objectors to block such a project in Seattle.

But. Seattle did somehow manage one of the most successful world events in history, that being the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. I believe this was one of the, if not the only, World's Fair to make a profit.

The Seattle World's Fair was so successful that 12 years later Spokane staged a World's Fair. I did not enjoy the Spokane World's Fair all that much. I do remember the USSR and Iranian Pavilions to be interesting.

And then in 1986 Vancouver had a World's Fair called Expo. I went twice. I was embarrassed by how bad the American Pavilion was. The Washington State one was not as embarrassing. Overall I did not enjoy Expo 86. It gave me two of my all-time worst headaches.

Seattle staged a sort of Olympics called the Goodwill Games, fostered by Ted Turner back in the Cold Wars days, to foster, or try to, goodwill between the USSR and the USA. I don't remember much about the Goodwill Games. I attended none of it.

I'm thinking it highly unlikely Seattle could ever stage a Winter Olympics, what with Vancouver barely managing, snow-wise. Seattle's ski areas are way less reliable than Vancouver's. Maybe Seattle could invent a new way to make artificial snow to guarantee the Snoqualmie slopes are white.

If you could get the people on board, I would think Seattle could pull off a Summer Olympics. Why the town would want to though, I don't know. There are already way too many tourists flooding that town. Seattle already has a lot of the facilities covered. They could put on a bargain type Olympics due to feeling no need to put on an over the top display of new buildings, like Beijing did.

Okay, that is enough about the Olympics for another 2 years.

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