Friday, March 5, 2010

Tootsie Gets Raided by the Tonasket Gestapo Stormtroopers Again

A few days ago I blogged about a bizarre Gestapo Stormtrooper raid on Tootsie Tonasket's home.

The reason for the raid was someone had reported that a deer had been shot in his backyard. And pointed the Game Warden/Okanogan Sheriff & Tonasket Police towards Tootsie Tonasket's alleged gang of Deer Killers.

Well, at the first raid, after being handcuffed and interrogated, Nosh confessed to killing the deer. But, for some reason Nosh was not charged, a lawyer called and told the police to either charge Nosh or let him go. They let him go.

This morning I talked to Tootsie Tonasket and learned that the Tonasket Gestapo Stormtroopers invaded her home again. Searching for more evidence regarding the Deer Killing to which Nosh had already confessed.

Now, here is where this story gets really stupid and unsettling. The Tonasket Gestapo had a fresh search warrant. Among the many items being searched for was the computer that Nosh, Tootsie's son, Blade and Tootsie's ex-husband, Delbert, used.

The Gestapo located the computer and, after, I suppose, making sure it was not a bomb, proceeded to open it up and remove the hard drive! Putting the hard drive in an evidence bag.

And then, after having gutted the innocent computer, the tower which housed the hard drive was also taken.

Can we all say Pure Idiocy together?

When I blogged about this outrageously, out of proportion to the alleged crime, bad police behavior, the first time, I heard from someone named Randall Newton, whom I later learned is a not too well regarded Tonasket teacher, who is known by many Fig Newton based derivations of his name.

Mr. Newton informed us that one of his close relatives is in local law abuse, I mean, enforcement.

Did Mr. Newton inform his relative that their Gestapo Stormtrooper violations of rights behaviors were being publicized nationally? If Mr. Newton did not do so, I really think he should.

Meanwhile, Tootsie and her gang of wanton criminals are heading to where their stolen property was taken, to assert a claim on it. Tootsie's ex went to a doctor after he was injured and jailed in the first raid, and has talked to a lawyer and is in contact with officials in Olympia.

Through all this pain and suffering, Tootsie endures. But she is not sleeping too well.

Any lawyer out there willing to help Tootsie? I'm thinking Tootsie's local Gestapo needs to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit.


Anonymous said...

Martin Luther King, Jr. was spot on when he noted that "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".--Cowtowner

Anonymous said...

This is bullshit, not the story, but your compleat lack of facts, I'm from Tonasket WA. I know Randal Newton personally, and he is nothing if not respected in the comunity, and he is not even a teacher, he is a technology writer and local religous leader. It truly angers me to see you slander his name like this. I read your previous blog, and want to tell you that there is no swat team in tonasket, and there def. was not, "Snipers on the hill." If you have never been to tonasket, don't attempt to give it a bad name. As an avid hunter, to me shooting a dear out of season is a crime, and should be treated as such. The police were warned that there could be guns in the house, and that means that there would be a chance that they would be fired upon. You need to check your facts.

Durango Northwest said...

Second Anonymous, I am shocked you are saying the Randal Newton is nothing. That is very rude. I think you may have a reading comprehension disorder. The term "Swat Team" is what is known as poetic license. I'm happy for you that you are an avid hunter. But you may want to learn that that thing you hunt is a deer, not a "dear." A "dear" is that sweet thing you are hopefully married to.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry for my small typo. Yes, I ment deer, but you still seam to be taking a view of The people and Police of the Tonasket area with only second hand knowledge from a few people. You do not have all the facts, have you talked to the police or read the reports. Have you infact spoken to anybody in Tonasket besides the few who, to their own addmission, committed a crime? It truly angers me that you are putting such a slanted view on tonasket and a friend