Friday, July 23, 2010

Seattle Colton Harris-Moore Media Circus with Barefoot Bandit on the Beach Cocktails

If you are in Seattle being part of the media circus surrounding court appearances of Colton Harris-Moore at the federal courthouse and you find yourself in need of an adult libation you can walk 2 blocks from the courthouse to a restaurant/bar called "A Pizza Mart" and have yourself a cocktail called "Barefoot Bandit On The Beach!"

The Barefoot Bandit arrived in Seattle on Wednesday. His first Seattle court appearance was Thursday, the same day "Barefoot On The Beach!" appeared.

Colton is a suspect in 80 crimes, give or take a crime or two, doing his Barefoot Bandit thing in 9 states and two other countries besides the United States.

At the present moment Colton Harris-Moore is only facing a single federal charge for his suspected Idaho airplane theft that he crashed near Granite Falls in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Western Washington.

Other charges for other suspected crimes are expected to follow.

Colton Harris-Moore is well aware of his folk hero status. To those who are fans of the Barefoot Bandit's exploits, Colton had a message, delivered by his attorney, John Henry Browne....

"For any of the kids out there who think this is fun, it is not. He was scared to death most of the time he was on his lark, and he's concerned that kids will think this is fun."

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