Monday, December 6, 2010

Spokane's Street Crossing Signal Middle Finger Malfunction

Last week drivers and pedestrians in Spokane were surprised at the new "bird flipping" don't walk signal that had appeared on one of the Eastern Washington town's street crossings.

This new signal was not a Spokane experiment in search of a replacement for the raised hand universal signal to stop.

What it was was an electronic malfunction due to snow, in which all the hand's fingers, except for the middle one and thumb were missing.

Which took awhile for Spokane city workers to get around to fixing, due to the need to get snow off Spokane's roads being a more important priority.

In the meantime Spokane drivers and walkers were greeted with an obscene gesture that likely had some Spokanians amused, some perplexed and maybe one or two greatly offended.

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