Thursday, December 30, 2010

Seattle's Personal Ad

This morning's Seattle P-I had an amusing blog post by Amy Rolph.

In a post titled "How Seattle ranked in 2010: Not so sexy, but gay-friendly and smart" Ms. Rolph wondered what a City of Seattle Personal Ad would be like, taking into account the various 2010 polls and ranking lists that have "lauded and lambasted the city in 2010."

Below is the City of Seattle Personal Ad...

"Even though I'm getting up there in years (I was born in 1869), I'd like to find a young companion. A college student, maybe. Don't let my age fool you; I've been told I'm pretty cool and fairly romantic. I've also been told I need to work on my personal appearance, but I'd rather read a book than pick out clothes. Our first date probably wouldn't be too extravagant, and we'd probably have to take the bus. (I'm not a good driver, and bad traffic only makes things worse.) We'd probably go for coffee, or maybe to the nation's best cocktail bar. Or maybe we'll just read a book. Did I mention I like to read? You should know I'm especially good with men and extremely gay-friendly."

Below are the article titles of the various articles that ranked, listed and polled Seattle, for various reasons, to various degrees of positive and negative....

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