Sunday, August 30, 2015

Saturday's Deadly Washington Windstorm Knocks Down Trees Leaving Half Million Powerless

Yesterday a windstorm hit the Pacific Northwest, with gusts gusting into the over 60 mph range in the Puget Sound zone, while 80 mph wind was recorded on Destruction Island off the Olympic Peninsula.

Two people were killed in Western Washington. A 10 year old girl in Federal Way was killed by a wind blown tree branch. A Gig Harbor man was killed when a tree was blown over on his Subaru.

Almost half a million people were left without power. Many who did not lose power did lose their Cable TV connection, right when they were getting ready to watch the Seahawks play some football.

The photo above arrived in my email this morning, sent by Spencer Jack's dad, my favorite nephew Jason. A tree was blown over on to the Skagit River bridge which connects downtown Mount Vernon with West Mount Vernon.

Reading various news sources this morning it seems a bit unclear whether the windstorm and its accompanying rain helped stifle the wildfires. It would seem strong wind would fan the flames. But a good dose of rain might counteract the flame fanning.

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