Thursday, August 13, 2015

Spencer Jack Tour Of Washington's Shrinking Skagit River

The rivers of the Pacific Northwest are overheating and drying up, killing off millions of fish; salmon, sturgeon, trout, due to the water being too warm and in short supply.

Today Spencer Jack takes us on a look at the incredibly shrinking Skagit River, in the Skagit Valley of Washington.

In the first picture Spencer Jack is standing on a sandbar in Mount Vernon. Under normal conditions Spencer Jack would not be able to stand at this location. He would need to be swimming.

Behind Spencer Jack, on the other side of what remains of the Skagit River is downtown Mount Vernon, with its iconic Tulip Tower, while towering over the Tulip Tower is Mount Vernon's Little Mountain.

Skagit River information which Spencer Jack sent along with the pictures....

The Skagit River measures just 10 feet at it's deepest location in Mount Vernon.   Believed to be a 60 year low.  Typical lows don't normally occur until mid-September, 30 plus days from now.

More of Spencer Jack's look at what is now known, for now, as Skagit Creek....

Above Spencer Jack is in Mount Vernon, on the west side of the river.

Above we are on the east side of the Skagit River, showing some water, looking at the Riverside Bridge which connects west and east Mount Vernon.

Here Spencer Jack has driven to the Burlington side of the Skagit River, where he is waving at us on Young's Bar, usually not a location for casual beach driving.

Above Spencer Jack has walked away from his car to take a picture, looking west, across the new Young's Bar Sand Highway.

We conclude with Spencer Jack standing under the railroad bridge crossing that crosses over Young's Bar. Again, under normal conditions Spencer Jack would need to be swimming at this location.

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