Saturday, January 8, 2011

Seattle Seahawks Fix Beer Scandal Before Saturday's New Orleans Saints Game

A seemingly inebriated pseudo scientist caused an Internet Scandal to erupt when he posted a YouTube video ostensibly showing that beer being sold at Qwest Field in Seattle during Seattle Seahawk games had a bit of a scam element.

Qwest Field was selling large beer 20 ounce beers for a $1.25 more than the small 16 ounce beers.

Trouble was, the "small" beer container and the "large" beer container held the same amount of beer.

At the end of the evidenciary video the "scientist" exhorts viewers to call the cops and report this scandalous scam.

Apparently the cops were called. Or maybe they weren't.

But, somehow the Seattle Seahawks got the news that they were running a scam which lead to the late Friday admission by the Seahawks that there was a problem with their beer cup sizes. An internal Seahawk/Qwest Field investigation revealed that the smaller cups, while labeled as being a 16 ounce size, actually held 20 ounces.

So, to make up for this outrageous bilking of the beer drinking Qwest Field Seahawk Football fans, for today's game between Seattle and the New Orleans Saints the Seahawks plans to serve all drinks in the 20 ounce cups, but will be charging fans the price of a 16 ounce cup.

Below is the YouTube video that served to right this wrong..........

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