Monday, January 24, 2011

Are You Smarter Than Sedro Woolley & Portlandia?

Apparently there are some residents of a couple Pacific Northwest towns who are slightly offput by a little attention from a couple types of media.

On Friday the Independent Film Channel (IFC) premiered a new comedy called Portlandia that sort of mocks Portland's liberated liberalness.

The YouTube video below is an intro to Portlandia.

And then, north of Portland, up in the Skagit Valley of Washington, the town of Sedro Woolley is being the butt of a Bellingham radio station's idea of a joke.

Two disc jockeys, John Reynolds and Brad Cash on 92.9 KISM, since August, have been running a segment on their morning show called "Are You Smarter Than Sedro-Woolley?"

Apparently the humor is based on the supposed stereotype that a lot of people view Sedro Woolley as a "redneck" town.

I grew up in the town just to the west of Sedro Woolley, Burlington. Somehow Woolley's reputation as a redneck town escaped my attention. I do recollect mention made of Sedro Woolley having some Tarheels in their schools, with Tarheels being people who came from the Deep South and who lived somewhere upriver from Sedro Woolley.

I don't actually understand how this radio contest works. Apparently the disc jockeys call someone living in their broadcast range, but out of Sedro Woolley, asking 2 current event type questions and one Sedro Woolley question that is, according to disc jockey, Cash, "A redneck kind of question."

I have no idea what a redneck kind of question might be. Or how answering these type questions somehow makes You Smarter Than Sedro Woolley.

Seems like a better question might be Are You Smarter Than These 2 Dumb Disc Jockeys?

Anyway, below is the aforementioned Portlandia video......


Betty Jo Bouvier said...

Not to be picky, but Sedro-Woolley has a hyphen...just saying.

Durango Northwest said...

I know about the hyphen, Betty Jo, but it has been a long long long time since Sedro and Woolley were two towns, unified as one by a hyphen. I feel it is time to lose the hyphen. I am a hyphen exterminator trailblazer.

Betty Jo Bouvier said...

If you are one of us you will put the hyphen back in.

Durango Northwest said...

I am really sorry, Betty Jo, I am not one of you. The hyphen remains removed. Please do not hate me for this supposed sacrilege.

Steve A said...

What are y'all talking about? Sultan is the quintessential hick town.

Anonymous said...

Sedro-Woolley, the land of the great. The land where gas mileage does not apply, for people run ramped in the streets with big out of proportion trucks. Lifted so high the birds can see them. The land where chewing tobacco is a standard, not a health risk, and the only place where the "N" word is still 100% ok as a greeting of hello. Sedro-Woolley indeed.