Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seattle Seahawk's 12th Man Gives Seattle An Advantage the Dallas Cowboys Lack

The Wednesday Dallas Morning News had an article written by a reporter named Tim Cowlishaw who has attended a game or two in Qwest Field in Seattle.

The theme of this article was trying figure out what caused the Dallas Cowboys to fail so miserably in their attempt to play in the first Super Bowl to be played in the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium.

The title of the article is, "What the 8 remaining playoff teams have that the Cowboys don't."

As I was reading what each of the 8 NFL Playoff teams had, that Dallas did not have, I had no idea what the Seattle Seahawks had going for them that the Dallas Cowboys lacked.

I had forgotten about Seattle's infamous 12th Man.

With that Man being the extremely loud fans. Those fans are so loud that on Saturday's game, where they beat the defending Super Bowl champs, the New Orleans Saints, at one point in the game,  where a Seahawk made a spectacular touchdown, the cacophony that that touchdown released, via the 12th Man, caused a nearby seismograph to register the cacophony as an earthquake.

Below is the blurb in the Dallas Morning News about Seattle's boisterous fans, compared with the Dallas fans watching a game in their new metal sardine can.....

SEATTLE – 12th Man

It won't help the Seahawks this week, but while every team says it appreciates the home fans, in Seattle this isn't just lip service. Having been to Qwest Field both for Romo's famous botched snap and the only NFC title game the Seahawks ever won, I will vouch for Seahawk fans. The place is crazy.

As for Cowboys Stadium, well, Jerry Jones figured out how to pack 100,000 people in there. But he also created a cavernous building in which half the fans stare at the big screen hoping to see themselves. A 2-6 home record in 2010 speaks loudly.

Like Seattle.--Tim Cowlishaw

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