Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bellevue Bikini Barristas Being Bare Barred

What's up with the bizarre bikini barrista bonanza going on in Washington?

This type thing is something I'd expect to see in my current Texas location, with its world's highest per capita number of strippers and strip joints, not in much more sensible Washington.

There have been police stings in Snohomish County, where coffee girls were being bad girls. Even my old home zone of Mount Vernon has a Bikini Barrista stand in the area at the Foxy Latte Lady.

And now the city of Bellevue has moved against bikini barristas selling coffee, while scantily clad, at Knotty Bodies, claiming Knotty Bodies is not complying with city codes.

The Bikini Barristas continued to pass coffee to customers using the drive-through, even though Knotty Bodies was told they could be fined $100 a day if they didn't stop.

By Tuesday the Knotty Bodies' attorney claimed a deal had been worked out with the city where they could stay open til the issues are resolved, as long as they closed the drive-through.

This all sounds like a big bikini brouhaha over something silly, to me.

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