Sunday, November 29, 2009

U.S. Military Occupies Seattle's Westlake Center Handcuffing Civilians

I was shocked to learn this morning that on Saturday the U.S. military occupied Westlake Center in downtown Seattle, tossing shoppers to the ground and slapping them in handcuffs.

The soldiers yelled profanely at their prisoners, as the un-arrested holiday shoppers looked on in horror.

Turns out this was all a street theater act put on by opponents of the likely upcoming surge in troops in Afghanistan.

The protesters are part of a group called "The World Can't Wait."

The purpose of this rather bizarre piece of street theatrics was to show what it is like for civilians when a military occupation takes place.

I'm sure these protesters meant well. But I really don't think this type of street theater is going to change any minds or anyone's policies. And it could have quickly spun out of control with really bad results.

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