Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mount Rainier Makes An Appearance

All my years living in Washington I never successfully made it to Paradise in Mount Rainier National Park to not have the Mountain shrouded in clouds and fog. It took me 5 trips to San Francisco before the fog lifted enough to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Mount Rainier was not quite that uncooperative.

On August 11, 2008 I drove to Paradise in Mount Rainier National Park, once more, and once again the Mountain was shrouded in clouds. But, me and my small hiking group of 3 trekked towards the unseen Mountain, optimistic a miracle would occur.

There were a lot of people hoping for a similar miracle. We made it to Myrtle Falls, which is the falls you see in the picture. And you can also see that the clouds had lifted from the Mountain.

Watch the video I made of my August 11 visit to Mount Rainier and you'll hear me talking about a near death experience near the lodge where I almost fell off a ladder. And you will hear a lot of people being very excited that the Mountain decided to make an appearance.

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