Friday, November 20, 2009

BusinessWeek Says Mount Vernon Top Town In America To Rebound From Recession

I was surprised to learn this morning that BusinessWeek magazine has picked Mount Vernon, Washington as the #1 city in America to rebound from the recession in the first quarter of the new year.

Mount Vernon is a great town. I can see how it was possible for Mount Vernon to be picked as the Best Small City in America, which it was, in 1998.

But, how in the world would a magazine determine that Mount Vernon will be the #1 rebounder from the recession?

BusinessWeek said Mount Vernon's tourist attractions, retail and hospitality industries and proximity to Seattle and Vancouver were the reasons it will recover quickly.

Mount Vernon is an attractive, scenic town, with a powerful river, the Skagit, running through it. You can fish for salmon in Mount Vernon. Not many towns can make that claim. Mount Vernon is very hilly with a bike trail system meandering around town. You can drive to the top of Little Mountain for a panoramic view of the Skagit Valley, including the agricultural fields where a lot of America's food is grown. And tulips.

It will be interesting to get more details as to how BusinessWeek came to decide Mount Vernon is poised to recover economically before the rest of America.

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